In terms of Health make sure to have this numbers handy for any emergencies with your children.

young doctor with happy baby making examination

We know how important the health of your little ones can be and that is why we made a research of some of the most recommended pediatricians in the Riviera Maya area (Cancun and Playa del Carmen)

  • CANCUN PEDIATRICIAN: The first one works at Hospital Galenia he is located in Cancun his name is Dr. Jose Ramon Campos Oltra you can contact him in the following numbers: 9981858025 , 9988741400, 9988920085 and 9988920086  Medical Advise Approximate Cost: $600.00 pesos


  •  PLAYA DEL CARMEN PEDIATRICIAN: Dr. Luis Lopez, specialist in the care of the newlyborn “Neonatologo” in can contact him in the following numbers: 9848073732 located on 20th Street between 30th Avenue and 35th Avenue.


  • PLAYA DEL CARMEN PEDIATRICIAN: Sergio Meniovich you can contact him in the following number: 9848038392.


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